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Wendell in his "vanity video."

Wendell Sanders is a recurring character in the series, Key & Peele. He is portrayed by Jordan Peele.


Wendell is a lonely, obese, super nerd and comic book fan. He made his first appearance in the skit "Pizza Order" which involves him making a pizza delivery order but he claims it's for a party when it's really for himself and it gets out of hand when the pizza clerk, Carlos starts asking him about "Claire" who is really a doll that Wendell claims is a girl at the party. Soon after, Wendell tells Carlos that Claire has been shot and then hangs up. Wendell then had two appearances in season 3, which revolved around him lying about having a son and his very own music video.

In season 4, Wendell makes an appearance at a sex addicts anonymous meeting, apparently to meet women. He tells a story about a fake sexual encounter with a pizza delivery girl, which is derived from his seemingly erotic experiences with pizza.