The Branding is the fourth episode of the first season of Key and Peele.


Two bank robbers' plot to score a fortune turns out to be a plan to get a job at the bank. Two hyped-up frat brothers brand their fraternity's letters into each others bodies, with one mistakenly getting phallic results. A riot breaks out after residents of a black neighborhood buy into a television news crew's fabricated Pegasus sighting. A smartphone app lets people know when they can use the N-word. A guest player in a tabletop role-playing game breaks the rules by robbing the local tavern and hooking-up with women instead of going on a quest. A musician who just finds out he'll be making a record is suddenly inundated by old friends and strangers who want to leech off of his success. For the upcoming presidential election, President Obama uses his anger "translator" to remind America he took down Osama bin Laden. A rap singer's music video chronicles him getting shot in the penis.