Mr. Garvey is a character on Key & Peele portrayed by Keegan-Michael Key. Garvey is also one of the show's most famous characters and a film is in works about him.


He is a substitute teacher who has had experience teaching inner city kids for over 20 years. He is most commonly known for misprouncing students' names. He quickly gets frustrated when the students try to correct him. The students that make him angry are... Jacqueline (Jay-Quellin), Blake (Balakay), Denise (Dee-Nice), and Aaron (Ay-Ay-Ron) He returned in Season 3, thinking that the students he was teaching were lying about going to take their yearbook club photos and instead go to "the club". To which he begins shouting... "AIN'T NONE OF Y'ALL OLD ENOUGH TO GO TO THE DAMN CLUB!!" frightening the students.

Two commonly known aspects to his rage are breaking his clipboard in half over his knee, and when Aaron (the kid who is the main cause of Mr. Garvey's wrath) tells Mr. Garvey something around the end of the skit, Mr. Garvey slides everything off of his desk, yells at Aaron (Ay-Ay-Ron), and then sends him up to Principal O'Shaughnessy (Oh-Shag-Hennesey)

He is known for using modern black culture phrases, such as "You feel me?" and "For real", as well as contractions like "Y'all" and "Ain't", he also uses esoteric words like "chicanerous" and "churlish"

The only student that Mr. Garvey gets-along with is Timothy (Tim-O-Thee/portrayed by Jordan Peele). When he calls out Timothy's name, he says "present", to which Mr. Garvey says "thank you". In Season 3, when Timothy raises his hand, Mr. Garvey turns to him asking why he needs to leave early. Timothy responds "I gotta go pick-up my daughter", to which he is excused.