Jordan Peele Peabody 2014 (cropped)
Jordan Peele is a American actor, film director, screenwriter, and comedian best known for creating and starring in the sketch-comedy series Key & Peele on Comedy Central. He also starred in five seasons on the sketch-comedy show, MADtv on FOX. He is most well known for his feature directorial debut Get Out, a thriller film that was released in February 2017.


In 2003, Peele joined the ninth season of MADtv, around the time, Keegan-Michael Key joined the cast as it was determined that Key would be chosen over Peele, until Peele performed his celebrity impressions. After starring in five seasons for MADtv, Peele left the cast at the end of the 14th season. Peele and his former castmate, Keegan-Michael Key then began starring in their own sketch-comedy series, Key & Peele on Comedy Central which lasted for 5 seasons. Peele and his co-star, Keegan also starred in their first full-length feature film for Warner Bros. Pictures titled "Keanu" which was released on April 29, 2016. He is also the creator and founder of the production company, Monkeypaw Productions which also produced the show. In February 2017, Peele released his directorial debut Get Out, a comedy horror film that he had also written, directed, and produced. The film received critical acclaim and won the Academy Award for "Best Original Screenplay". Recently, Peele will release his second feature film Us on March 15, 2019 and was announced as a producer for the reboot of the film, Candyman

Personal LifeEdit

Peele had been dating actress Chelsea Peretti since 2013, they became engaged in November 2015 and they eloped in April 2016. They also have a son that was born in July 2017.


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